The Difference of Air Cargo Flight Among Direct , Stop and Transfer Flight


Some times we are urgent the cargo and want it arrival today we need it. But the forwarder agent says yes , it’s  direct flight, or no it‘s the transfer flight and need about 2 -4 days or some like that. We usually want get the information from forwarder agent about the air flight route information. But what’s the difference of air cargo flight among direct air-flight, stop air-flight and transit air-flight?

According to whether land or not in midway, it can be divided into nonstop air-line(Direct ) and midway stop airline ( midway Stop and Transfer).

According to whether transfer or not in midway, it can be deivided into non-transfer midway (direct and midway stop) and transfer midway airline (transfer).

While midway stop is stop in midway for several hours and not transfer airplane.  It may be only stuffing or unload cargo in middle airport then take off again.

And transfer airline flight will be stop in midway airport and transfer into another airplane then go next airport.

Generally speaking, the stoping time of transfer airline is much longer than the midway stop airline.

So the direct flight is much expensive than transfer flight. Because the stop and transfer airline will be take more time and troublesome.

If urgent and transit time required, the direct airline will be better and much guarantee about the transit time.

Some airports have no direct airline and flight, for example from China to South Africa. There are no direct flight because of too long distance.  Recently the main passager airplane have not such enough continuation of the journey that usually transfer in Europe, North America, Middle East or Australia.

For example:  TK (Turkey Airline) from Beijing to St. Petersburg, It will be via  Istanbul, then to St. Petersburg airport.

China to St. Petersburg by TK airline

Airflight Sample from China to St. Petersburg by TK airline


For example from Beijing to Moscow Airport by RU airline, direct flight only several hours delivery.

Beijing China to Moscow airport Russia By RU Airline

Beijing China to Moscow airport Russia By RU Airline.


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